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"Life, it goes on"

7 July
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my name is Kali-Sulis but i usualy just go by Sulis. i am a writer i write fiction for teens, poetry, and i'm taking a whack at fantacy. i suck @ spelling so forgive me if i spell stuff wrong. i will be 16 in july. my two closest friends are Pele and Kat. i am a tv addict and i have a strange love of disny music. i am also an artist and i am attempting to learn how to sew. i love animals- yes i know it sounds corny and fake but its true so shut up. i hate the city because it depresses me. i heart almost all music except opra which i think i spelled wrong but what ever. and thats me in a nutshell. Goodnight and Goodluck (worst movie ever but its a cool sign off thing)